Full Time Rates:

Registration Fee: $50


  • 2`s (24 Months): $165

  • 3’s Potty Trained (36 months) 155

  • 4`s (48 Months): $145

  • School Year VPK (with voucher) $125

  • Summer VPK $145

  • Preschool 5 Years Old (60 Months): $145

Kids Zone Academy Late Fee Policy

Kids Zone Academy requires for the weekly tuition paid every Friday or Monday Morning for the following week. A $10 per day beginning on the day payment is due (Monday Afternoon). Come Monday Afternoon the original fee plus the $10 in late fees are due before the child is allowed to return to care. If the fee is not paid the child may not attend care and the $10 late fee will continue to accrue until day 10.

  • Registration and Tuition is non refundable

Child Pick Up Late fees are as follows according to our clocks:


  • $1.00 per Minute. First couple of times

  • $2.00 per Minute after several late pickups. 

  • All fees must be paid.