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Kids Zone Academy strives to provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate program to serve young children between two and five years of age. Our program is based on the philosophy that all children can learn the skills necessary to succeed in school. By providing a safe and nurturing learning environment where each child learns at his/her own rate, children at Kids Zone Academy develop a positive self-image, confidence in their abilities, and the willingness to try new experiences.

Young children have special needs, a unique learning style, and boundless energy. So, as you might imagine, a classroom for these young children is a very special place. At Kids Zone Academy our classrooms are highly specialized learning environments carefully planned to meet the needs of preschool children. Our Teachers excel at creating a classroom that is a unique, exciting, interesting place where active learning takes place from the minute a child first walks through the door. Children learn by doing. And at Kids Zone Academy, we strive to excite children about learning by giving them opportunities to make discoveries on their own about themselves and their world. 

Our Teachers encourage children to ask questions and look for their own answers through experimenting and exploring. They help their students become aware of their own uniqueness and value themselves as important human beings. And, children will learn to get along in the world with others. In addition to our quality curriculum that supports cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language development; Our Teachers also model acceptance, tolerance, trust, and respect of all that we encounter.

 Parents are an important part of the Kids Zone Academy. We encourage Parent and Family participation in all aspects of our Center. We have incorporated an “Open Door” policy, so that Parents can visit anytime, without appointments. Our goal is to become acquainted with everyone in the child’s family and thus help parents appreciate, understand and participate in their child’s development. We understand that it is hard to leave your child in a new environment, however we have learned that due to the high quality, positive preschool experience that is provided at Kids Zone Academy, parents are happier and more productive at their work sites.

About our Staff:

  • Our warm and caring staff is chosen for educational qualifications, experience and their ability to provide their students with fun and educational activities in an open-ended safe environment. Every Staff member attends professional seminars and workshops, and maintains professional standards. Our Lead Teachers also meet or exceed the requirements of Florida State Department of Social Services  for Professional Preschool Teachers.

School Hours:

  • Our School is open from 6:30am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

  • There is a Late Pick-up Fee of $2.00 per Minute for each student that is picked-up after 5:00pm. Payable in CASH at the time of Pick-Up. No Exceptions. As a courtesy to our Teachers, Please Pick-up your child on time… They Have Families Also!

Signing In and Out:

  • ELC Only, We are required by the State of Florida Earle Learning Coalition to have you “Sign-in” your child when you arrive at school, and “Sign-out” when you pick your child up. You MUST Sign in and Sign out every day! The sign-in  is located in the front lobby. Please look for your child’s name on the top portion of their sign-in sheet; each child will have their own sheet.


Open Door Policy:

  • We consider parents to be a vital part of the educational process, and encourage families to share their time with us- no appointments necessary. Visitors must remain under teacher supervision unless they are on the students pick up list. Parents may be contacted to verify visitor permission. 

Personal Items:

  • Every child needs a change of clothes, including socks. These Clothes should be kept in a small backpack or in their cubby, and should be appropriate for the season.

  • Nap Time is from 12:00- 2:30, every child must have their own small blanket. Pillows are optional. Please take your child’s blankets home every week for washing.

  • All children must wear closed-toed shoes. No Flip-Flops or Sandals. This is for the safety of your child!

  • Please put your Child’s name on Everything you bring to school: Clothes, Jackets, Blankets, etc. We do our best to keep track of your child’s belongings, but sometimes Items get “shared.” By putting your child’s name on their things, you’ll be sure to get it back! Permanent marker works great!

Authorization to Pick-up your Child:

  • No Child will be released to a person not authorized by you, the Parent. Please be sure to list all persons that have permission to pick up your child in your Enrollment packet. If you need to add someone to your pick-up list, we must have a separate written authorization delivered to us by the Legal Parent or Guardian.


Birthday Parties:

  • We do allow parents to bring in Birthday parties, however we cannot have Home made Birthday Cakes or candles.  If you can’t make the Party, Bring in a disposable Camera and let your child’s Teacher capture the Fun on Film!!



Your child’s health is very important to us! Please notify us if your child is unable to attend on their scheduled day. We Appreciate knowing whether their absence is due to illness or another reason.  Notify us immediately if it is due to a contagious disease, we need to let others know. Thank You! In addition to our standard health form in your child’s file, a daily informal health check is given upon each child’s arrival. The Parent bringing the child should be sure a Teacher greets the child.


We may call you at work if your child develops

symptoms of illness while at school.

The Following are reasons children may not be able to attend school:

Ø      If he/she has a Fever 

Ø      If he/she has a diarrhea

Ø      If he/she has a constant  bad cough.

* Sending a Child home will be at the discretion of the Director *

**Kids Zone Academy Child Sick policy*** 


We do not want your child to have an uncomfortable day at school because they are ill. We will call the legal parents or Guardians first. If they cannot be reached, we will then call the persons’ whom you have Authorized to pick up your child; as listed on the Emergency Information page of your enrollment pack.

Parents, if your child is sick and the director calls you to pick up your child.  After 1 hour there will be a $30 charge per hour for the one on one care.

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