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Kids Zone Academy LLC  ,is committed to offering a safe, caring, and stimulating environment in which children can explore and learn by experiencing creative hands-on and age appropriate activities presented by qualified professional staff.


The curriculum is carefully designed to coincide in all areas  physical, cognitive,social/emotional, and creative .


Children are encouraged to develop their minds and bodies through creative play in a nurturing, non-competitive environment.


Kids Zone Academy LLC welcomes families of all faiths and ethnic origins to the program.


Our teachers offer many opportunities for children to practice physical skills, to learn problem solving, to gain knowledge of their environment, and to practice interacting effectively with others.


We help stimulate a child’s natural curiosity so he/she will develop a lifetime love of learning.


It is our goal to establish an organized facility with open communication between the administration, staff, and parents,  in support of a positive environment for all.


Parents are an important part of children’s learning experiences; we are partners in the education and care of our children.

We have added the area of Good Health Practices.

Good Health Practices: Teachers model and teach good health practices, showing children how to clean their noses, wash hands, dress appropriately for weather, and eat healthy snacks.


Kids Zone Academy LLC 

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